09 March 2009

monday ...

this past weekend we celebrated mas' FAVORITE holiday. now you may be looking back at your weekend and wondering what the hell i am talking about. i mean i don't recall an early march holiday ... ever.

well this favorite holiday that i am speaking of is daylight savings, who knew it could be considered someone's favorite holiday? mas, that is who. since november he has been complaining about the light and practically counting down the days until the time changed back. so in order to celebrate i went on a bike ride (more on that later) and he played tennis ... until 7:30!

i too am looking forward to more light, and warmer weather, and just the general relaxed months of summer.

{photo by My Fine Garden and available here}


  1. agreed. spring could not have come soon enough this year!

  2. HOOORAY! Now it is happy and light out. HAPPY AND LIGHT.

  3. Ha ha! I have to admit that I don't share his love - waking up this morning was PAINFUL. I am still trying to wake up, actually.

    That picture is so lovely.

  4. Well I'm glad to know SOMEONE likes it! I personally was thrilled with how light it was getting in the mornings---I'm an early bird, and I hate going back to darkness when I wake!

  5. How sad is this? I didn't even notice. Deep into a writing deadline, I got up, I walked over to my computer, I sat there until it got dark.

    Very very sad.

  6. Its my favorite holiday too!!! I start counting down in January, and I am ecstatic its been moved up. Quite possibly the best thing GWB did during his presidency. Woohoo for DST!!!