21 March 2009

sunday brunch on saturday morning

i am using my saturday morning to catch up on some much needed blog time. while on said catch up mission i came across maybe the BEST little online shop ever. they don't have a lot, but what they do have i love. sunday brunch believes that "dresses aren’t just for swooning over dark, brooding men or inheriting spooky mansions on windswept moors." this makes a lot of sense to me as i spend very little time swooning over dark, brooding men or inheriting anything even kinda like a mansion or moors.

{quail wishful thinking dress}

{mel en stel convertible dress ... oh my i LOVE this one}

{lorick lee dress}

aren't pretty dresses so nice to wake up to in the morning? and speaking of nice things to wake up to, i think i am going to go and make waffles and take them up to my now sleeping mas. i love waffles almost as much as i love pretty dresses.


  1. I squealed in delight when I saw these! Then I looked at the prices and I groaned. Ah well...a girl needs a dream, right?

  2. what a find!!! thank you so much :) joannaxo

  3. Love these dresses and the shop in general.