10 March 2009

holy layers.

we have a smallish piece of burlap hanging in front of our porch door in the living room. it was put there for one reason but has been left there because it really adds a bit of homeyness to our otherwise kind of sterile room. currently drapes for us are not a feasible option (boo to apartments that are new and lack character ... no i don't want plastic strips that open and shut) but if they were ... or maybe when they are .. i will so dream of these. i mean how could you not???

by designer ritva puotila, go and check her woodlands site now, like right this very minute. originally found here, a new blog that has some AMAZING potential to be my new obsession.


  1. i want to wear it...


  2. I feel the need to lay on that right now.

  3. I.need.it.like.for.sure.

  4. iknewyouwouldpostthis. you are such a quickie poster!