17 March 2009

a new way to eat street food

mas and i got home last night from mexico, and i would just like to say ... it was pretty fantastic. it was also quite interesting, kinda stressful, very filling, and a ton of fun.

i'm eating something so wonderful i know i will not be able to do it justice with my words. we were walking to lunch when we saw maybe 100 people scattered about eating these things. we ditched the restaurant plans and started scouring the crowds for the maker of these wonders. we walked in circles for about, um 10 minutes, asked a couple of people, failed miserably, gave up, and then on our way out of the square happened across a woman hunkered down by a giant column with a bag of beans, cheese, cilantro and giant chips. it was wonderful, and only 15 pesos ...

i am seriously going to miss all of the bright colors. and the tile, oh my the tile. can we as a country please get rid of all of the carpet and start using tile??

our first hotel, or um b&b. i would highly recommend this place to anyone visiting guadalajara. it was fantastic. the courtyard was more of a rain forest than courtyard and the breakfast lived up to the hype (egg crepes with four cheeses, sun dried tomatoes, cilantro and rose petals ... yum.)

our second hotel (first in mexico city) was super swanky - radiohead also happened to be staying there. we only stayed one night, but it was a fun one, our second night was in a hostel (my first hostel experience ... not mas').

and then there was the rest of the food and drink. oh my. you could hardly walk 15 feet without seeing something that included tequila (i LOVE tequila). and as far as solids go, we absolutely gorged ourselves on tacos.

my favorite piece of graffiti in mexico city (this was a tough choice as there is a ton of graffiti in mexico city) and mas' new sneakers.

ok i think that is enough reminiscing on vacation. it is tuesday morning and i need to get to work.


  1. Glad the vacation went good! Mexico rules - these pictures make me want to quit my job and sell giant chips on Mexican sidewalks for a living. I guess in the meantime I'll just settle for nachos for dinner tonight.

  2. me encanta mexico!

    Mr. W and I spent a month in the yucatan a couple summers ago.

    I'm always torn, go back to mexico, or travel somewhere new.

  3. Fabulous! Someday, I am going to go back to Mexico, and do it your way, but it might be a few years before I recover from the trauma of my vacation there last summer (can we say it involved waaaay too much family, sleeping on air mattresses, very little eating, along with crazy and unexpected altitude sickness? not fun. not even a little bit.)

  4. Tequila is my favorite. Mmmmm.

  5. oh i do love mexico.

    esp the spicy fresh food and excuse to eat as many chips drowned in salsa as you like.

    fun photos. how about this? next week you go to Palm Springs and we'll go to Mexico.

    we can write off the vacation as a blog project?

  6. i love mexico! awesome photos.

    my fave street food: roasted corn with mayo & hot sauce! {wtf?} did you eat that??

  7. christina - corn with mayo and hot sauce?! we didn't even see anything of the sort. damn ... can't believe i missed that.