17 March 2009

good things really do come from michigan

living in chicago, and mas being in school there, meant that we met an insane number of people from michigan. and that entire contingent was hell bent on convincing us that michigan (and everything that came from michigan) was the best thing in the world. i won't disagree entirely .. there are a lot of good things about michigan .. a lot, and this is one of them.

boxed water is better has maybe the best packaging design ever and a very enviornmentally responsible business plan (bottled water has always been a real pet peeve of mine). plus the people behind the brand seem to really care. once this stuff hits stores anywhere near me, i am stocking up. if only to decorate my shelves with.

{found over at swiss miss}


  1. what a great idea! why has it taken this long? amazing what happens when people just think.

    Thanks Christine!