29 January 2009

public art

i am a huge fan of public art ... but sadly haven't seen any in ages. our area isn't big on any kind of art that isn't sold in one of those cheesy tourist shops so it leaves me a serious case of wanting. earlier today i was going through our honeymoon pictures (which i cannot believe was three months ago) and found this lovely example of public art.

we were walking down a side street in reykjavik when all of a sudden out of nowhere you see glimmering sequins rustling in the wind and a pretty fantastic mural to boot. these sequin displays were all over the city hanging on random building walls. i wish i had more pictures but the majority of our city time was at the end of our trip and (oh god this is embarrassing) our camera ran out of batteries and we didn't have an adapter for our phones so we were on super limited photo power.

and on a side note ... poor iceland.

{the text in the picture reads : just look at how the mountains so very mighty be sharp as razor at the top they span the land and sea but don't forget that thought majestic spires, capped with snow ... from each and every single grain of sand is where they grow.}


  1. i saw this same mural last november.

    in that flickr set, there's a short video i caught of the sequins rustling around, too.

    poor iceland, indeed.

  2. hey thanks for the link lavina ... it was wonderful to look through your eyes and be able to remember our honeymoon ").