06 January 2009

registry bliss

about a week ago mas finally traded in a few of our williams-sonoma gift cards for what was one of the BEST purchases of our lives, a breville juicer. we wavered for a while, as it is a pretty pricey piece of equipment after all and do we really like to juice things? well the answer is an unequivocal YES. i just made a lovely morning treat consisting of - ginger, lime, asian pear and cantaloupe. can i tell you wonderful and splendid the entire experience is? i could try, but i won't do it justice. so if you are looking for things to add to your registry, or just your kitchen arsenal ... click here.


  1. The Breville was basically the only reason we registered at WS. And we had to return a Le Creuset and a toaster plus turn in all our gift cards to get it (because who would buy you a three hundred dollar yuppie machine? no one). We love it SO MUCH. Esp in California, land of the farmer's markets :)