23 January 2009

the internet (or uhum hosting companies) are fickle fickle beings

{from l'medivierto's photostream}

so cevd.com and everything related to it (including email) is currently resting ... or in deep rem sleep, i'm not really sure. what i am sure of is that i absolutely cannot receive email at the moment so ... if you need to find me you can do that by emailing me at :


i have someone talking to a supervisor and getting back to me ... that is never good. and on that note, does anyone have a hosting company that they actually like? this isn't my first issue with these oafs, but i am certainly hoping it is my last.

i guess the good news is that the lack of email leaves me plenty of time to scour the internets that are actually working ... there goes my friday ").


  1. I can't recommend A Small Orange highly enough.

    Their service is exemplary and their prices very reasonable.

  2. I think H-town is pretty happy with dreamhost -- he uses it for all his web design clients. Email me if you want to ask him about it ;)

  3. thank you SO very much east side and aubergine. i will check them out and sign on up.