13 January 2009

another trip into the deep dark world of weddings

it is true i still *sometimes* look around at wedding dresses. it wasn't something i found myself doing a whole lot of before i looked for mine so i find it a bit weird that it is something i find myself doing now that the whole wedding thing is over. but never the less there are some really pretty dresses out there. and then there are some really really pretty, really simple and really glad i didn't see this a month before our date dresses out there ... like this one from j.crew.

{j.crew long whitney dress available here}

and while i am sending you to j.crew you might as well click here and here to see a couple other things i adore.


  1. chelsea i know, i almost fell out of my chair when i saw it. just the once again shock that j.crew sends down my spine. i should have learned by now.

  2. HEHEHHE, you are so funny, I do the same thing, What, do I think I am still going to have another wedding?? I don't know, but I love to look, althuogh sometimes it makes me sad :(