16 January 2009

hooray for holidays

{i think i want to start buying myself a yellow dress every year for my birthday. this one courtesy of sofie dillon ... designer unkown to me}

that is it lads and ladies, i am off for the long weekend. but not without first leaving you with a few things to occupy a few spare moments. be safe and enjoy the warmer weather that i hear is coming to those oh so cold locales (i'm sorry chicago).

my favorite things i didn't have time to blog about this week :

. a most amazing use of space in hong kong

. lunchbox notes

. a most clever use of type

. the wedding that kinda makes me want to have another

. my new favorite blog


  1. oh my.... that wedding! So perfect! (thanks for the link!!)

  2. love the yellow dress, too. that would be a lovely tradition... a new yellow dress on every birthday. I like!