08 January 2009

it is an obsession ...

and i am ok with that. i can't help it. all of a sudden i just can't get enough of the red hearts.

it really started with a sweatshirt i picked up while honeymooning in iceland :

{hiking in california ... not iceland}

then i found myself making holiday cards :

and now i have this :

{thanks joanna. and dahl & dane}

and want this :

{over at chip chop}

i fear i might be going overboard, but the bag is sold out so perhaps i will have a happy trio of hearts and leave it there. or not ...


  1. I heart hearts too. I want that bag!

  2. One of my (small) regrets from wedding planning is not getting the I (heart) AC tank to get ready in. It's one of things where I had it in my Shopping Cart a good 10 times and kept thinking, "Do I really need to spend another $30?" And then I ran out of time to make one.

    Dig all of your hearts - especially the RVK!

  3. I have a fondness for simple hearts too - I have an 'I heart PARIS' car bumper sticker, and I sleep in an 'I heart boys' vest!! loved this post! xx

  4. do i see camera bag in action?? cute hearts. they ARE awfully nice.

  5. yes indeed you do lovely. i can't tell you how grateful i am to you for introducing me ").