27 January 2009

file under : i want this now please

i find myself making wish lists a lot lately. i never tell anyone about them and never actually purchase any of the items on them but that doesn't take the fun out them. i guess i used to walk down to michigan ave (in chicago) with frances all of the time and stroll the stores, so in lieu of window shopping we now go on hikes and beach walks and i spend all of my free internet time looking at pretties and piling them up in some non-existent shopping bag. about once a week i head back to those shopping bags, or just click through the million open tabs in firefox, and say farewell. but while doing so this week i noticed an astounding similarity in my objects, and one that was ... well shocking to me. you see there is an absurd amount of red in these items. i own about two red things, maybe three so i am wondering ...




is it time for me to start incorporating a power color into my wardrobe? and if so what does that say about me? i might start to worry ... if i were actually in the market for any of the items above that is.

{1. ridiculous DOMA leather and knit jacket, 2. Ka Pow Wow red ruffle scarf, 3. DVF mala floral blouse, 4.Chapeau Claudette ufo mini felt hat}


  1. That scarf is INSANE. It will make my life better, it really will.

  2. Mini felt hat - I want it too! adorable! xx

  3. That DOMA jacket is stunning! Reminds me of similar pieces from Mike&Chris. Both totally amazing and totally out of my price-range ARG!

  4. Power color! Power color!

    I love your banner. I love the title of this post.