23 January 2009

it is friday and i have nothing on the agenda for the whole weekend

in case you are in the same boat here are a few things i found this week but didn't happen to post about. enjoy.

{frances and i went on a hike this morning. it was kinda rainy, my glasses spotted up almost entirely and my shoes are still caked in mud. but it was certainly beautiful to see the fog in the hills}

some pretty exciting news about a loved one we all thought we lost.

a postcard that i kind of want, right now.

a fancy and oh so sweet wedding invite.

a recycled wedding dress.

and finally a recipe we tried the other night and might i say that it worked out quite well. (and if you promise to keep it a secret i will tell you that i substituted regular chorizo with soy chorizo and hot damn was it good ... and kinda nice for the vegetarian contingent)


  1. wow. i had no idea about the polaroid. that's fantastic.

    thanks for the good news!