21 January 2009

sweets for my sweet

tonight is kinda a big night, lost is back on after what seems like decades.

you see mas and i have this slightly obsessive note to our personalities and it REALLY shines when it comes to tv shows. though we prefer to watch them on dvd and in giant chunks of time, we are going to bend and watch it live. you see we are completely caught up with lost and mas has a horrific and completely reasonable fear that things will be said during the rest of the work week that have something to do with the show, so we have no other choice but to sit ourselves down in front of that damn tv and watch ... commercials and all (oh how i miss you tivo).

and what better to accompany a couple of sloths on a couch for an hour or so than a recipe referred to as monster cookies? um, yes please. the ingredient list makes my mouth water and i am thinking that i might replace the m&ms with chocolate covered sunflower seeds which practically has me running out the door to pick up the few things that i don't have in my pantry so i might be able to indulge before the end of the work day. but i will wait ... for a little bit at least.

so thank you city sage my next work out is for you ").


  1. you will not be sorry. i promise.

    watching without the time delayed commercial zapping power of DVR? that's love if I've ever seen it!

  2. oh. my. god. the batter is to die for, i am soooooooooo not sorry!

  3. I love Lost too! My husband and I sound just as addicted. What I wouldn't give for one of those cookies right now!