29 January 2009

umm ...

i know dressing like a french woman has been spoken about to no end recently, but what about being a french woman? i am kind of seriously in love with this idea. and extra in love with it if it means that i can be her :

and on that note i am getting back into the language (there was a deal made with mas that makes me giggle every time i think of it) but it requires commanding the language that i scoffed at in high school ... so does any one have any recommendations for french language programs that one can participate in via their home?

{part of garance doré's une fille un style viewable here}


  1. you should get the french CDs from michele thomas!

    they're on amazon. and they are seriously amazing, at least for a non-french speaker. (i took spanish) But i think he has advanced CDs too for peeps who have some command already.

  2. I HIGHLY recommend Learning French in Your Car. I have only been able to finish Disc 1 (there are like 10!) but my sister did it and she can speak French fairly well now.

  3. There's a daily "learn French" podcast on iTunes ... it might even be free. I haven't tried it, but it doesn't get much more convenient than that.