15 April 2009

brace yourself for some pretty amazing owl action

alright, these save the dates are fantastic. there is simply no denying it. and can you guess the designer? if you think really hard, i bet you can ...

if you were thinking this girl, well you were right. jamie (the almost architect) has been dabbling in the world of paper goods for a while now. you have seen her invites, her amazing paper cuts and now some of the ridiculous work she is doing for her friends.

don't you want to be one of those friends? yeah, so do i. ALTHOUGH rumor has it that she might be interested in doing such things for complete strangers ... you know if you just encourage her a little bit (so, um encourage!).

and ps - the owls on the save the dates were inspired by this guy.

i need more owls in my life.


  1. Yay! I saw these bad boys in person and they are inCREDible!

  2. oh! you didn't give me a chance to guess! yes, that was my guess. i think the *owl* might have given it away...

    these are great!! so chic & simple. love.

  3. before this goes to far let me say this: i don't put owls on everything i do. really and truly. or joshua trees. these were both per the brides request, and i am certain she would have requested those 2 things had she never even met me.

    there, now that is done, thank you. xo

  4. i think you should put owls on everything. owls are the new cupcakes, obv.

    and these are gorgeous!!

  5. Um, CEVD. You are one of her friends.

    Jamie, these are stellar. You should go for it.

  6. I agree, owls on everything please.

    They're gorgeous!

  7. Nice drawing. Owl placed on the paper envelope. I guess there are also an owl inside the envelope.