23 April 2009

statement rings

way back in the day, ok not that long ago, just a few years back i was working in the fashion jewlery department of nordstrom ... don't ask ... and i found the best giant ring EVER. it was so wonderful and i wore it everywhere (despite the fact that it was just about as big as my head). anyway one night i was out with friends enjoying a few glasses of wine when i headed into the bathroom with my ring and out of it without it. i took it off to wash my hands and just forgot to put it back on. it was towards the end of the night and it took me a while to realize what i had done. then by the time i did, it was gone. i was sad. and now i am hoping it is on the finger of a very loving (though obviously kind of cruel) person.

these days i have a few new rings that i wear on a regular basis, you know since the wedding and all, but still i kinda have been looking non-stop for a replacement of my once beloved gigantic only for fun ring. could this one be it? i'm still on the fence, but loving the branch.

{branch ring by species by the thousands available via supermarket}


  1. I like this better:


  2. it's so tough...like brass knuckles inspired by nature!

  3. Oooh, fierce! (I've never said that before but it felt appropriate.)