27 April 2009

is it going to come to this?

i went on a mad search for gocco bulbs today for a last minute project that kinda needs to be done now. and ... it was depressing. i ended up paying $20 for four bulbs (including shipping). i probably should have gone the $55 for 20 route because they apparently aren't going to get any cheaper but i just couldn't do it.

so now what? what happens when all of the bulbs just disappear? i like my gocco, no i LOVE my gocco. am i really going to have to find a replacement? and if so, is this going to be it? has anyone used a yudu? yudu isn't as much fun to say as gocco. i am sad. the picture above, however, makes me a bit more happy. oh and so do these.

{image found here}


  1. I am having the same crisis. Yet, somehow, gocco keeps getting bigger and bigger. I was pricing out supplies this morning. Can I really pay $7/piece for screens?

    Did you see the new machine that Northwoods created to replace bulbs? It's $1,000!

    I am in the gocco dumps. I have been dying to gocco, but haven't because of supplies.

  2. i bought my fiance a yudu for his birthday... he is a bit of a screen printing fanatic. but we have yet to take it out of the box!

    i read a great review on design mom that was the deciding factor on if i should buy one. i hope the review helps!


  3. Check out the Gocco discussion board on Flickr for new tips, innovations and ideas for burning screens.

    My latest idea is to make friends with a tattoo artist who already has a thermal imager (the $$ machine) and have them burn screens for you. It could be a great trade.

  4. Kay seriously. had similar freak out 2 weeks ago when i was stocking up for a project. and turns out supplies are getting scarce!

    what do we do what do we do what do we do.

    Apparently there is one kind of GE bulb that works too... but that doesn't solve the screen issue. or the paint problem.

    so bummed.