30 April 2009

i need a break from california

we are approaching the one year mark in our california home, which means we have been in this state for an entire year now. i still look at the license plates and think "really, i live in california?" it has been a fun year, don't let my post title confuse you, but i am in desperate need of greenery and weather. i miss trees (actual lush trees), and rain, and snow and heat (well maybe not heat). so in two weeks i am heading east for some much needed scenery change!!! new york, portland maine, and asheville north carolina are on the docket, and did i mention i am EXCITED?

oh and for the record, i am aware that i will miss the vineyards and beaches very, very much. i have grown quite attached to our little piece of the west coast here even if i still want to escape every now and then.

{picture from pia jane bijkerk taken in the netherlands ... which isn't exactly the east coast, but very pretty and green}


  1. Lucky you!! I always think I want to live in CA but I think I would miss trees. Enjoy your break!

  2. Your trip sounds so much fun.

    You're so lucky that you have such variety in the country you live in. I love the UK but you can get from one side of it to the other in one day's drive. That doesn't leave much scope for varying landscapes!

    Oh and you haven't missed trees until you've spent some time on a Scottish island, in the Atlantic that is too windy for anything to grow taller than 18 inches.

  3. That soudns like such a great trip! Ive always wanted to travel to the east coast.

    Have fun!

  4. I can relate. I moved to Cali 4 years from the Midwest... I'm actually heading back to Ohio at the end of the month for a little vaca.. havne't been back there in 3years.... Can't wait! What part of Cali do you live in? What brought you out this way? I'm in Orange County! TTYL!

  5. How lovely! We have heaps of green here now--plenty to soak up.

  6. where in california do you live? im in the bay area and surrounded by trees, the mountains and the beach!