15 April 2009

the hair

i saw the first picture on 100 layer cake and started teasing my hair without even noticing it. then i went to the duston todd website and saw the other pictures. oh how bold, how refreshing, how sick of slicked back up-do's am i?

unfortunately my hair is stick straight and refuses to do anything even half as cool.


  1. Exposure to sun and other harmful chemicals may cause hair and skin damage. It is best to use a product that is 100% organic for it can penetrate to the follicle to balance, correct and restore your hair and skin's youth and vitality.

    I'd like to recommend "Appreciation" Pre-Shampoo Treatment, it contains pure jojoba oil that comes from a bean grown in Mexico.

  2. I've been collecting big fuzzy hair pics for my wedding hairs - I'm having a vintage inspired circus wedding and I've been coveting a big birds nest bouffant to go with my vintage party dress - but this could totally work too!!

  3. Dear BeverlyD Hair Party, eff off.

    Dear everyone else, totally! My latest trick is to wash my hair immediately before bed. Sleeping on it wet does give a mussed look, if not this amazing teased one...

  4. finally... some wedding hair with a little free spirit!

    i grew up about a mile from the texas state line, i know a thing or two about teasing. so glad it's back.

  5. very cool! bird-nest hair is the way forward...i have been enbracing the no hairbrush look for quite a while now

  6. just happened to come across the photos on your posting...
    (thanks for the credits)

    yes, the hair is awesome isn't it?!! i can recall complimenting the couple and their strak contrast of cranial coverings..."you guys are such a striking couple, shaved head and clean and...pause...pausing...you're all poofy". yes, "poofy" was all i could come up with, but i meant it in such a complimentary way.

    poofy hair rocks and our world needs more of it.