14 April 2009

little jane st

one of my favorite things about having a blog is reading comments and then clicking on their author's profiles to find their blogs. it was just this morning that i clicked on little jane st and found her pretty rad blog and then her even radder (can i do that? i mean i like to make up words but radder?) little shop. i so WANT many of her cards. in particular the patchwork camera card (pictured above) ... so go, look and soak up the awesome aussie and her goods.


  1. radder is, in fact, a word.

    and you are rocking it.

  2. awe shucks esb, that means a lot coming from you.

  3. what a great store! thanks so much for sharing...

  4. Oh this is fantastic! Thank you for mentioning my little shop! and thank you to your lovely readers for leaving such nice comments.

    rad/radder or any word from the rad family is most definitely a word I would be happy to be called;)

    Alarna x

  5. I love that about blogs too. Thanks for the great find — and I love the name, Little Jane St. Jane Street in Manhattan is one of my favorite little streets.