09 September 2008


here are some sunny day pictures of the inner and outer envelopes.

we decided to forgo calligraphy (gasp!) and instead we just printed everyone's address onto this wonderful cotton backed with an iron-on fusible of sorts. we did our return addresses the same way. also we nixed the button idea that i had originally intended to act as the closure. it was getting ridiculously expensive and time consuming. instead we opted for eyelets. they made it possible to use the string that we used to tie our save the dates and actually weren't all that hard to attach.

the last part of this project was the inner envelope. originally we had planned on designing a letterpress cover of sorts. but it just never happened. i would come up with an idea i liked and mas would be luke warm about it or my mom wouldn't sound excited at all, and vice versa. it got to the point where i was going to have to ask for a rush printing and i decided it would be easier to toss the whole thing out the window ... about two days later we all agreed on an inner envelope and i got to gocco'ing.

and there is where my story about our envelope ends. also did you notice the stamps? my mom found them on usps.com. the image on the stamp is of the smoky mountains of north carolina ... just where we happen to be getting married. good find mom!


  1. why thank you tina. i kinda feel the same way.

  2. i can't believe how much work must have gone into these! awesomeness.

  3. it was a bit more work than i was expecting, but worth it.

  4. How do the stamps stay on the fabric?

    I love this idea, and your hard work will not go unnoticed!

  5. believe it or not the stamps just stick. i didn't think it possible myself, but they have been arriving at their new homes so i am pleased.

  6. How do the stamps stay on the fabric? What if use for Gift Card envelopes.