12 September 2008

heading south for the day

i am heading to santa barbara for the day to run a couple of wedding related errands. the first being my dress fitting! and the second being a meeting of the minds with megan from nutmeg press, who is helping me with our menus. i cannot wait for this project, it is going to be fantastic. i have a couple of posts scheduled today with a sneak peek into our upcoming nuptials so stay tuned ...

{after much deliberation i have decided to go the grey and sparkly route for my shoes. this decision was made after having no luck finding these in my size and seeing mas' eyes light up when he saw them. i have these in mind for when my feet give out, which will be earlier rather than later i am sure}


  1. the shoes! oh i love them so much... do the sparkles get caught on your lace at all? That is something I am wary about... let me know, I may just have to buy them!