03 September 2008

here is the dress now how bout the shoes?

i have made a huge effort to find the correct shoes for my dress (slim, long, ivory lace ... the pictures above) but the hours spent online shopping have begun to drive me mad. so over the weekend i just started purchasing (my mom's idea which completely saves me from the shoe block i have been experiencing), with the intent of returning all but one pair ...

they are all from jcrew, which is kinda surprising to me but then i head back over to their website and fall in love with everything all over again. and they are having a promo right now which saves you 15% if you enter FALL during check out.

i love these. we don't really have colors but have stuck to mostly
white with some grey accents. i am digging the blue sparkles,
which take care of my something blue.

because a pop of color is never bad

an alternate to the grey which may be more dress appropriate.

{all above from jcrew}


  1. I know what you mean about JCrew shoes... they're all so awesome. Good luck find the shoes of your dreams. Personally, that was my favorite part of planning my wedding... shoe shopping!

  2. 1. Beware the jewels, they will catch on the lace. (My metallic beaded sandals caught on my thread dress. They didn't ruin it, and I wouldn't change a thing, but I did have to run for scissors at one point.)

    2. I dunno, I saw you in flats. Flats are the new heels. You can dance all night in them!

    3. I am no help at all, am I?

  3. I love the grey ones. They're fantastic. Yummy!

  4. you know east side, i kinda thought flats were going to be it as well. hmm, does this put me back at square one???

  5. I found them. You must have them. They are too fabulous with your bolero. And they're witty. I feel sure that your shoes must have wit.


  6. Is that the lovely ML "scarlet" I see? I wore the exact same dress for my wedding too...

  7. east side ... do you want to be my new best friend?

    and emily, yes to scarlet.

  8. I loved you, and then I really disliked you. Those top grey shoes = amazing, and that is when I loved you. And then I went and looked at their price, and that is when I disliked you. The perfect shoes for a not perfect price. The search for shoes continues...

  9. $350 for f'n J. Crew?! Now I feel no guilt about telling you to buy the Sigerson Morrisons.

  10. grey grey! from the list... but i think there are more perfecter options out there, no? i am in shoe crisis too. so.. i feel you.

    your dress looks amazing!

  11. yeah i know the grey shoes are a bit spendy for jcrew ... their whole catalog seems to inching its way up into the higher end.

    still diggin the sigerson morrison's though ...

  12. cevd, it took me a while to come around to the idea of spending $400+ on shoes. But once I went to visit my SM's in the west hollywood store, I was a goner...

    And it's an expense I never regretted for an instant.