17 September 2008

read this

i am sorry, my energy is lackluster today. it was a very stressful morning which involved a big deal meeting and then the delivery of a REALLY big deal piece of jewelry for someone else, oh the joys of being the only person within two states that works from home. the two events looked as though they were going to destroy one and other but fortunately it ended up working out famously (thanks to a truly lovely ups man). i am off for the rest of the day to finish up this book, which i would say everyone must read if they have not already.

{book available here and more fun stuff found here}


  1. one of my very favorite recent reads. i actually cried multiple times while reading, partly because emotions are on overdrive due to impending wedding, but also because it's such a beautiful and important idea... taking part in the food you eat.

  2. I adore this book and pretty much everything by Barbara Kingsolver. Like lovelymorning, it moved me deeply.