11 September 2008

itunes 8

for those of you who use itunes ... have you updated (click here if not)? there is this spiffy new feature called genius and it is in fact genius. click a song and then hit the genius button and it will search your library and create a playlist that is perfectly matched. i have spent way too many hours trying to make decent playlists only to be disappointed with the results. so this feature seems as though it was made just for me.

current play list based on the song sea legs by the shins :


  1. great feature! i just tried it, and i love it!

    and i didn't know you lived in chicago .... have you been here long?

  2. i am glad you love it too jane!

    sadly i am out of chicago now, i was there for four years and am currently enjoying the lack of seasons in california. sorry for my confusing syntax ... sometimes i just write like i talk forgetting the lack of intonation. i do miss chicago ... a lot.