08 September 2008


i am off to the post office to send out our invites. all 72 have been sewn, stuffed and tied - thank god. it took us the better part of the weekend to finish them up, and there were multiple trips to michael's involved for mas. the poor guy. but in the end we have a surprisingly wonderful product in our hands. heres hoping they don't disintegrate in the mail.

{i will have better pictures of these guys later on. it has been ridiculously foggy here the past few weeks so a flash has been necessary. once the sun decides to come out again i will take some more pictures that don't include hot spots and crazy shadows.}

a couple of things i learned during this process :

1. i am allergic to burlap ...

2. when you order stamps from the post office there is an insane amount of wasted packaging. has anyone ever done this before?? i was shocked. every sheet came in its own plastic bag with cardboard backing.

3. fabric glue is a life saver.


  1. Hey Christine! Congrats on getting the invites out. I'd love to see the finished product in person.
    YES- I have ordered stamps from USPS, and the annoying packaging is really overdone. :(

    See you!

  2. These look very cool. I will be back to see details. I am looking for invites that are "outside of the box".