23 September 2008

oh what a day

sorry to be off to such a late start, i had a crazy morning. things are back to normal and i am sitting at my computer once again. ohh and look at what i came across.

{inside out champagne glass set available here}

i could see these gracing our tables, but they aren't cheap and i have this feeling that our rental company isn't exactly stocking them. no matter, we aren't even doing a toast so i guess all of the wanting is for nothing. they are very pretty though.


  1. Wait, skipping the champagne is fine. But you're not skipping the toasts...?? I thought maybe they weren't important and two of best my girlfriends set me straight. They turned out to be one of my favorites parts of my wedding.

  2. favorites parts.

    Don't mean to rant, but for reals.

  3. not skipping toast altogether, there can be as many of those as people would like, just skipping the "champagne toast" (this apparently happens before anyone eats and the glasses are picked up immediately after and taken away, is this a southern thing???) just seems a bit unnecessary. we will have drinks on the table throughout the evening so if people want to toast they certainly may.

  4. Ask the best man and the moh to prepare them in advance. You will all be so glad.

    Okay getting off my horsie.

  5. prepare to get back on that horse ... we are sans a wedding party "). this is going to be memorable it think.

  6. Right. My bad. What about your dad? I asked my mom to give a speech too, in the spirit of feminism ;)