20 June 2008

something cool for a hot day

so it is absolutely beyond hot here today. it is just after ten in the morning and i am reading (in disbelief might i add) that it is 92 already. ugh. i live on the coast, the always cold coast. i don't have air conditioning and do have a lot of electrical equipment that prefers the more temperate 67-72 degree range. the good news is it looks as though the heat wave will break shortly after the weekend is over, which means perfectly pleasant beach weather on both saturday and sunday for MAS who has been locked in an office all week, and back to normal on monday for me.

for now though i am looking at this painting by michael brown, a professor at scad atlanta, and imagining nothing but cool breezes.

{photo via shopscad}

a definite find over at shopscad, there isn't a single painting by him i wouldn't love to have on my walls. i have always had a soft spot for oils, and we are currently lacking in that area ...


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