30 June 2008

a glorious monday

it was hard to tear ourselves away from the wonderful city of san francisco, but we did, yesterday around 4.30. driving south on the pch, a good four hours after we originally planned on leaving, we took our time and enjoyed the scenery. i had never made the trip to or from san francisco in a car, or actually from anywhere other than the east coast, so it was lovely to see the places i keep hearing about from my parents, half moon bay ... santa cruz ... and that was it. unfortunately highway 1 was closed due to fires just around monterey and we had to cut back over to the less charming, but still beautiful route cleared by the 101.

i am back now and in full wedding invitation mode. i have to get these things to the printer this week or else i am not sure they will ever actually make it to their recipients. i am having a horrendous time making up my mind on the last item in our set. there is going to be one piece, let us call it a cover, that will have something other than text on it. i am thinking a silhouette of sorts, something natural and not too crazy. the goal is to make it slightly reminiscent of the save the date and we are again going to use a blind stamp, only this time on black paper.

anyway to make a LONG story short ... most silhouettes make me want to gag. i have found a few that tickle my fancy and am hoping that i am able to finally wrap my head around the concept and get it done.

above and below are some of those non- saccharine silhouettes that i love so much. found via {frolic!}. they were created by a lady who goes by the name sophi leblanc, and her illustration work is simply fabulous.

{all images via sl}