13 June 2008

it is going to be one of those days ...

it was wednesday when i heard my brother was making the trek from maine to california, and it was yesterday that i picked him up in la. today i am going to be spending most of my time taking him around the central coast and seeing what there is to see. he is only in town until tomorrow morning so we are going to make the most of it. that being said, posts will be a bit heavier than yesterday (sorry!) but lighter than normal.

for now think about gocco. i have been. for a while actually. i am thinking about starting an off-shoot of my invitation company. handmade cards and other goodies, and for now i am considering grabbing one of these little machines and going for it. one day, oh one day, i will have my own press. until then i am thinking this is the next best thing.

{image via paper souce, gocco machine available online at paper source}


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