30 June 2008

art class

i love many a handmade item, and i don't think that is much of a surprise to anyone reading right now. i also love the resources that have been popping up all over the internet to promote new artists.

{artist denise simon via the shiny squirrel}

so i believe a new project is in order. i will call it - art class - and i hope everyone will attend. there will never be homework but suggestions or links are always appreciated. it will be a weekly post, occuring every monday, highlighting a different venue that works tirelessly to give us something wonderful to put on our walls - or wherever we please.

and so here it is, my first link in a series of links ... the shiny squirrel. this website is dedicated to giving young and emerging artists a voice by offering them monthly shows, artist showcases and gallery pages. it is quite the visual treat and very affordable. enjoy!


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