10 June 2008

our invitations

one of the most fun parts about being both an invitation designer and a bride-to-be is being able to design our wedding invitations. the save the dates were an absolute blast, i still love looking at them, and the invites are proving to be even more fun to create. while we are still struggling with the overall theme for the invite, i have the envelopes down. which is a really good thing because i am going to need the full three months before our invites go out to make them! the burlap i am using for the envelope is also going to be used at the reception ... as our table runners. the green string that will act as the closure will be the same that was used to tie our save the date together. i toyed with the idea of using embroidery thread, but it is entirely too thin and makes the process of untying nearly impossible. the jury is still out on the buttons, but we want them to add a bit of elegance to the rustic fabric. if there are any great button resources out there i would love to know about them.

so without further ado, here it is, the first one. please excuse the random scribbles and notes, i haven't really done this before and pattern making as a whole is entirely new to me.

i am thinking about edging the top flap with the petersham ribbon as i did at the bottom and also cutting the sides in at an angle to make it more envelope like ... thoughts?


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