17 June 2008

eames stamps!!!

yes i knew they were coming. how could i not? i have been reading many a post concerning these guys over the past few months, but despite my constant reading up i was still shocked and excited to see them under the glass at the post office today!

i made the trek to the post office this morning (something i have done more than i care to be doing since we found our new home) to pick up a little box containing some wonderful earrings that i will be donning for my wedding. when i got up to the counter there they were, just waiting to be taken home. and take home i did - five sheets to be exact and i am nervous i didn't purchase enough. i love commemorative stamps, and i really regretted not purchasing more of both the superhero stamps and the american photographer series they did a couple years back.

to avoid the nasty lines, and not so nice clerks you can grab yourself a few sheets here.


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