16 June 2008

the paper kind of wallpaper

earlier this morning i went crazy downloading wallpaper for my computer and now i am about to go crazy because i can't do the same for my walls. when we moved from chicago to california we also moved into the wonderful world of renting. our landlord is nothing short of amazing - he even built us a pantry! however if we choose to paint, we have to then promise to return the walls back to their original color. we only plan on being on this coast for two years, and even though i LOVE to paint, i think the best thing to do is go crazy with wall art and call it a day.

back to wallpaper. i was looking around the rose and radish website and came across some beautiful wallpapers that have my name written all over them - can't you see it? too bad taking wallpaper down sounds like a more daunting task than painting cream over kelly green. maybe once we settle down again ... until then i will just keep searching and making notes.

this wonderful self-adhesive border is a non-repeating pattern filled with images of berlin. designed by extratapete and available here.

one of my favorite, favorite wallpapers ever. i would love to plaster this all over the walls of my office. french dot wallpaper by nama rococo available here.

and i know this wallpaper gets crazy attention in the blogging world, but not very often in this color way. i love the taupe and white combination. woods colored wallpaper by cole & son available here.


  1. I love the woods wallpaper. I made curtains for our bedroom closet from a Marimekko fabric that make me feel like I'm lying in the woods. (And we can take 'em with us when we move.)


  2. thank you east side. i think that is a fabulous idea, and i am clicking the link right now.

  3. And it seems they serves a different purpose. Wallpaper is for computer screen while the paper kind of wallpaper is for the wall of the house. It's a bit ironic.