18 June 2008

maybe just the living room

i have found it, the color i am willing to paint over in two years (well a little less now). there is a giant wall that wraps around the dining room, and then enters into the living room that i wanted to paint kelly green. the idea was quickly nixed by MAS (the nixer of most paint ideas, but not all which is another reason i love him). however he did come up with a counter offer ... navy. at first it was ok, but after i brought home about a million navy paint chips i discovered it just wasn't going to work. that is when all of the paint plans were put on hold, i starting looking at wallpaper, and then decided to throw in the towel all together. but no longer, because i can say, this is going to be our wall color.

{photo via {this is glamorous}}

i am going to tone down my painting ambitions and keep the project to this one wall. i am going to then take the recommendation of east side bride and make some fabulous drapes out of a most wonderful treasure patterned fabric or maybe the tuuli in black + white, both by marimekko, and neither the exact fabric she was so kind to recommend, but found on the website she linked me to.

{photos via finnstyle}

i am giving myself two weeks to at least have everything purchased, and then another two weeks to have it completed. i'll keep you up to date on my progress.


  1. They're both fabulous. Wonderful treasure is better for curtains, I think, since it repeats length-wise. You can do 'em all the way to the floor, which will give you height!