03 December 2008

the menus

so it is about that time i suppose. now that i have had more than a month to bask in the glory of newlywedom i am ready to start hashing out some of the finer details of the wedding. plus there are some vendor shout outs i would be remiss not to mention.

on to the menu ...
the front and back of the menu - the trees and birds were pressed into the paper with a translucent white ink so they were just visible. i found some martha stewart labels at michael's that came in various shapes which i was a fan of, but unfortunately the adhesive on the back of those labels wasn't the strongest and when they were put out on the tables we had to run around pounding them back on. i think some fell off as they were taken down to dancing, but at that point they had served their purpose and i don't think anyone noticed.

the inside - i had this idea of having two blank pages at the beginning of the menu but that turned out to be a giant waste of paper so the first page was in turn had some text and those blank pages ended up being used for something else a bit more respectable.

the courses - well if you didn't know food is a really big part of the lives mas and i lead, so catering was kind of a big deal. and in a small town it could have gone horribly wrong. however, we worked with laurey and jamie from laurey's catering and were hands down impressed with the quality of food ... it really felt (and tasted) like we were eating at a restaurant. i still can't get over it. i remember talking to laurey a couple of months before the event and she was still fretting over plates. it was awesome. the attention to detail and her unwillingness to sacrifice quality really showed. and the best part ... she was able to source just about everything locally ... yay!

so kudos to laurey's ... the best caterer EVER!!! oh and the inside pictures are taken on one of the cakes stands that micaela from clara french ceramics lovingly made for us.


  1. beautiful.

    and look at you in your wedding ring :)

  2. Wow, these menus are amazing. SO sophisticated. Absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing. Always fun to read your blog.