09 December 2008

the paper dress that picked me up and took me to that happy place

made from the pages of an old phone book for a class called creative process by flickr user that goes by the name jolis paons. how freaking fabulous?!?!?

when i was in college (before i decided to completely submerge myself into anything artistic and while still taking classes that included "law" and "statistics" and "genetics" in their names) i was in a quasi art class that revolved around using non-art materials to express yourself in your most creative way. anyway on the last day of class, i.e the unveiling of our final projects, a girl came in with three wearable dresses made out of paper bags that each represented a different aspect of her life.

ever since seeing that project i have been interested in making some garments out of paper, but it has just never happened. i simply don't have that talent in me ... oh well.

{originally found on not couture}


  1. This is stunning!thank you for sharing it. A few years ago anthropologie had dresses made from old books and pages for display.

  2. Oh my, I want that dress just so I can stare at it all day.

  3. OMG this is so fabulous! I would wear that dress, paper or otherwise! It reminds me of a new Rosa Clara wedding gown from the runways this season, only probably not as durable :)

  4. this absolutely delightful. and i love your blog (hopped over from joanna's...)

    happy holidays!

  5. When you look at it a little further, it seems a true dress. Very artistic to make a dress our of paper.