26 December 2008

in the land of no rain a girl finds herself lusting after the most absurd

i live in a place where the skies are always blue (apparently even during the "rainy season") and the temperature very rarely dips below the 50's. so why then am i becoming more and more obsessed with the likes of galoshes and winter jackets and less than thrilled with flip flops and bathing suits? it is a true case of the grass is always greener syndrome. i mean really it is a good thing i lived in winter hell for the past four years or else i may not own a single bathing suit.

for those of you who happen to be somewhere out there where the weather is decidedly crummy here is a pair of shoes that might just lift your spirits ... or smash them (i'm sorry) as the boots come from japan and are not exactly easy to source.

{found here and read about here and then researched here}

and ok, i have ALWAYS had a thing for winter jackets ... so i guess that is just me.