11 December 2008

keep the change ya filthy animal

so it seems as though i have finally gotten into the holiday spirit. two days ago i started stringing cranberries and popcorn together to create our christmas tree garland, and then yesterday i printed some christmas cards - there is still time for those right?? mas and i have never sent out christmas cards in the past so i am not quite sure what inspired me, but it was fun to print something for myself and the post office has some wonderful nutcraker stamps that i needed a reason to purchase (i have a small love of holiday nutcrackers, i think it stems from my childhood but what doesn't ...)

{red, green and gold ink gocco'd on to soft white folded cards and khaki envelopes}

oh and did i mention we spent last night eating couscous and watching home alone on tv? one of the best holiday movies ... ever .. the commercials were painful so we put it on our queue and should be watching it interruption free in the days to come.


  1. cute! i'm just finishing ours up too! once you're in the wedding mode, making holiday cards is easy, no?

  2. very cool cards! I am bummed that this year I am just too busy (or lazy... not sure) to make cards. But to make up for it I bought some handmade ones from a girl who gives a donation from each order to the NieNie fund, so I feel a little better :)

  3. Yay for Home Alone. I'm in complete agreeance!

  4. Oh I love these!!! I eat couscous a lot:)! So easy to cook.