11 December 2008

my wallet is empty so perhaps i need a new purse??

i have been head over heels for gryson since i first laid eyes on the most gorgeous oliva bag a couple years back. i found a metallic version on sale a while ago and was so close to purchasing it, but even at 60% off it seemed a silly purchase (plus do i really like metallic leather bags???). so when i happened upon this mia kaos bag i had to get up and leave my computer immediately for fear of what would happen next. after the appropriate amount of time (and jalepeno cheddar chips) i walked back into my office took a couple of deep breaths and added this beautiful item to my daydreaming wish list, it may even have taken the number one spot.


  1. I love this bag too! I saw it in grey when I was in NY at the Steven Alan store!

  2. Ohhh I am in love with this purse. It's now on my wish list too.

  3. WOWEE! That's a beauty. Love the big zippers and the pebbly leather. Sigh, you may have to share it on your wishlist...