12 December 2008

hoping you had a lovely weekend

{image found here}

we are spending the next few days in boulder with a little family and a lot of snow - yay for colorado! we might even make it to the mountains for a bit of skiing and a ton of peeling myself off of the mountain (i haven't put anything that resembles skis or a snowboard on my feet in at least 5 years) so i *may* take a short posting break. until i'm back i would recommend some flikr surfing ... becauase it is just so fun.


  1. The snow has definitely moved in! We got 12 inches last night! Enjoy your time in the mountains!

  2. Ha, this is my picture! Thanks for posting it! The story behind it is that a friend of mine passed away on my birthday and I let go of the balloons in a nature reserve in his honor. I'm glad you liked it enough to use on your blog.
    All the best,
    Sara Louise Petty

  3. thank you for letting me use your picture sara ... it was even more perfect than i originally thought.