15 November 2008

my walls

{prop/set styling by the wonderful martha bernabe)

about five months ago i talked endlessly about painting our walls, and deep down i meant it. but you see we are renting our abode and after talking to our land lord who would like for us to paint the walls back to their original color we decided it was just too much work for the amount of time we have left in this place. so it never happened. however, i am constantly thinking about our next house, one that we plan on staying in for at least a while. and sometimes i see a room that i just have to incorporate. this room is just that, only i don't imagine it will be easy. the color is bright, slightly harsh and pretty much the antithesis of all the other greys i have in my mind. oh well it is all in my dream world for now anyway.


  1. but this room would be amazing in a house full of subtle grays!
    I'm doing the same thing... kind of.

    Mustard yellow and everything else is shades of gray or beige.

  2. oh i know what you mean...in our next house we are going to have to paint since we are in the same "paint it back" dilemma as you...the green is bold--i say go for it :)