13 November 2008

fern fiddle head

i am an absolute nut about my laptop. in fact it is a serious problem when traveling. first of all, i always bring it with me and second i am uber-protective of it. i am not the type to wrap it in a scarf, throw it in a bag and be on my way. it has a case, a black neoprene one that keeps it safe and sound and kinda lacks any sort of flair. so i was thinking, wouldn't it look prettier in one of these?????

{laptop cases from fern fiddle head's etsy shop}


  1. These are great! I'm also uber-protective of my laptop, but traveling with a second bag just for my laptop sometimes isn't realistic. And you're right, who wants a boring black case?

  2. So pretty! I'm currently coveting this: http://www.violetmaylondon.com/store/Laptop-bags-KYDD/White-Daffodil-SALE.aspx