13 November 2008

indulging in my girlie side

for the most part i tend to stay away from pink, floral patterns and anything overly girlie. in fact i find myself needing to be surrounded by greys, blues, dark browns and deep but vibrant greens in order to be happy. however i have this huge soft spot for the random frilly piece and today when i found nice (thank you poppytalk) i found a few things i might be able to incorporate into our home ... maybe.

we have a serious lack of storage space in our apartment, which is pretty comical since it is nearly twice as big as our place in chicago, so i was thinking about hanging hooks (a very many of them all different) along our very narrow front hall wall. you know so i can hang my purse, jacket, scarf, etc. perhaps this guy could hang out amongst the hooks? {available here}

and while i am pretty sure this would get nixed by mas for in the house ... maybe i could swing this light shade in my work area? oh i love it so. {available here}


  1. That lampshade is simply charming. It would look so sweet in workspace, too, just to bring a little touch of sweetness into the space. And even though it has pink on it, and is made from doilies, I think the 'design-y-ness' of it tones down the girliness quite nicely!

  2. I love the granny-chic of this...:)

    Martha B.