21 November 2008

my new kitchen

{photo and receipe from the most amazing food blog pictures and pancakes}

i'm not going to lie ... registering was kind of a fun part of the whole wedding process. mas and i had about one and a half kitchens worth of kitchen stuff before the wedding so we kept the registry to the really fun and practically absurd (do you really ever use steak knives? would a fancy gigantic juicer really add something positive to our lives? do i really need a pastry scraper? - yes).

anyway our new tools plus our weekly farm share have completely transformed our diets. it is fantastic, i just love it. last night we broke into our new slow-cooker and let me tell you it is wonderful and amazing. i made a guiness and meat pie and though it didn't quite look like the picture above it tasted quite nice and was a complete departure from our normal eats.


  1. omg. we returned one le creuset pan, one toaster + cashed in all our gift cards to get the fancy gigantic juicer and it was so. worth. it.

  2. really you like your juicer?!?!? mas and i have some returns/gift cards that will totally score the one on our registry that wasn't purchased, but it was such a big buy neither he nor i were certain it would be a good idea. i think you may have sold me though ...