18 November 2008

crazy days

{for a bit of color - floral ocean by betsy walton}

so it has been crazy around here. i finally got the feeling back in all of my limbs (getting back from the honeymoon left them all a little light and airy) and have hunkered down to prepare myself for the holidays. goodness there is so much to be done. also spring time is quickly approaching and all of a sudden i have a bit of work to do. and on an exciting note there is a lot of new work that has passed through the studio as of late so i will be posting pictures of those lovelies later this week and then early next.

for now though i must direct you to one of the best websites ever, ted: ideas worth spreading. a treasure trove of short, interesting and educational videos having to do with just about everything under the sun. my dad sent me a link this morning having to do with underwater camouflage and i watched it three times ... thanks dad.