25 November 2008

leif holland

i have found myself to have gone stick crazy recently. seriously every time i take frances out for a jaunt i end up coming back home with 2-5 sticks in my hand. it started with this incredibly awkward empty waste of space spot in our home needing to be filled (it is always nice to bring a bit of the outdoors in, no?) and has since taken on a life of its own. soon we are going to have about 20 square feet of a stick forest about 10 feet above our fireplace.

anyway while over at poppytalk i happened upon a leif holland and felt a twinkling of a kindred spirit. maybe when we relinquish our poorly laid out apartment i will hack up the sticks and create something almost as beautiful that we can take with us and keep in our home forever. until then i will just soak these up and keep to creating the cvd+mas forest.


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