10 July 2008


i love the variety of wallpaper that is out there these days, or maybe it has always been out there and now i just love that i am finding it. these three were found over at Rarechic, and well they are not for the conservative walls. i would love to have the half wall in my office covered in any of these.

{kashmiri in raven by tibi}

{hibiscus in fruit punch by emily minnie}

{nouveau riche in graphite by dan funderburgh for flavor paper}

and while you are over there i would recommend a look at their snazzy collection of wearables.


  1. I'm loving wallpaper lately too. I thought about doing just a small section of wall underneath our bedroom windows, but it's not entirely flat/level and I'm afraid it would look fairly ridiculous and not a good attempt for a first try at something like that.

  2. i think all first attempts with wallpaper are not good. the first time MAS and i put wallpaper up, we started at 11 pm and were working until 3 am. it was not good. but in the end, and in the light of day, it turned out surprisingly well. good luck if you decide to go for it ... and share pictures if so.

  3. Very nice wallpaper. I like it so much.