21 July 2008

hello gocco

i spent the weekend playing with my new best friend ... my large format gocco. we had a grand time together and i am so looking forward to our next meeting.

i will be posting images of all the work my new beloved and i are doing a bit later in the week.


  1. hi there! I just found your blog and am so glad I did. I love each and every post. Aren't the reem acra photos amazing? I have been thinking about buying a gocco of my own. i can't wait to see what you make with it! (where did you find one?)

  2. perfect, i am blushing with the thought of your kind words. thank you. as far as gocco goes, i can't recommend it enough. i purchased mine from paper source (under kits & projects), they have an insane amount of supplies as well.

  3. They are out right now, but I'm waiting for them to get them back in...if they do.

    What size did you get?

  4. kate - i went with the large machine. i was under the impression you could use both size screens with it, but have yet to figure that one out. did you sign up for the notify when available option over at PS? i think they only order 20 at a time so i would highly recommend getting on their email list! i'm sorry they are out at the moment, so frustrating.